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                                          Mental Health Therapy 

  The Donaldson Clinic is one of the very few clinics that has ever
  combined physical therapy along with mental health therapy.  We
  realize that many times when a person is injured, especially following 
  a traumatic injury, there tends to be an element of trauma that goes
  beyond the physical injury.  There can be the emotional trauma of
  losing ones independence and/or becoming dependent on family 
  and friends because of the limitations that the injury may cause you. 
 There may be some feelings of depression and feeling that you might
  not be what you used to be.  We believe that by combining the
  various benefits of physical therapy / massage therapy and mental
  health therapy, you'll be able to bounce back to being yourself
  again sooner than what might otherwise be the case.  All
  scheduled appointments held in complete confidentiality.  Meet Mr.
  Chuck Wright, our mental health therapist:

  Chuck Wright, M.A. - From 1970 - 1999, Chuck gained a
  tremendous amount of experience as a supervisor of adult probation
  and parole.  

  - Adjunct instructor for 19 years at both Seattle and Central
    Washington Universities  

  - Interim executive director of Family & Friends of violet crime victims  

  - Instructor for Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission  

  - Licensed mental health counselor and a licensed marriage &
    family therapist

  - Certified Trauma Specialist

  - Certified State Instructor on Domestic Violence

  Chuck's primary focus is mental health treatment for physical pain
  & suffering, anger management, suicide prevention, bereavement &
  self - concept issues.

  Awards & Certifications include: Red Cross Snohomish County
  Chapter Award for his work at the Pentagon after 9-11 tragedy.  Chuck
  has been featured in 3 of Ann Rule's True Crime Books.      



Welcome to The Donaldson Clinic!  This is where it all started for us,
right here in beautiful Mill Creek, WA.  Established in 1990, the Mill Creek  location houses our corporate office as well as providing some of the most outstanding physical therapy and related services that you can ever imagine! 

Our Mill Creek location is located right in the heart of Mill Creek and just minutes east of the I-5 freeway.  We provide a very modern facility and feature a team of physical therapists and their support team to ensure that you receive the very best in physical therapy / massage therapy / hand therapy / mental health therapy / aquatic therapy / geriatric therapy and more!


                                          Physical Therapy

The Donaldson Clinic features a fantastic team of physical therapists who work in conjunction with your physician.  We believe in a "Total Team Concept" that will work in assisting you to get back to full function.  The Donaldson Clinic offers physical therapy, hand therapy, mental health therapy, aquatic therapy and massage therapy.  The Donaldson Clinic is a "preferred provider" for most insurance companies. 

Meet our physical therapy team:

Lisa Frahm, MPT (therapy coordinator) - Lisa has been with The Donaldson Clinic since 1999.  She has a tremendous amount of experience in a variety of physical therapy settings including outpatient orthopedic, home care, inpatient, acute care, rehab, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities. 

Lisa has had additional training in aquatic therapy, strain & counter-strain, functional capacity evaluations (FCE's) and pre-work screenings.  Her primary focus is with outpatient orthopedics, geriatrics and aquatic therapy.  Lisa lives in the Mill Creek area with her husband and 3 children, and is involved in many local school activities.


Jodi Kuhn, MPT (therapy coordinator) - Jodi has been with The Donaldson Clinic since 2003.  She received her MPT from University of North Carolina.  Jodi has been a physical therapist since 1998.  She has worked on both the East & West coasts of the United States in orthopedic outpatient clinics where she has focused on sports rehabilitation and women's health.

Jodi has taken continuing education courses on orthopedic updates for knee and shoulder osteoporosis, weight management, women's health and functional exercises.  Her primary focus is in the areas of sports medicine, women's health, osteoporosis ans weight management.  Some of her outside interests include rock climbing, hiking and knitting.


Melissa Johnson, DPT - Melissa has been with The Donaldson Clinic since 2004.  She received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of Puget Sound as well as her B.S. from The University of Puget Sound.  Melissa has been a physical therapist since 2002.  Being that she is a swimmer and musician herself, Melissa's enjoys focusing on the injuries sustained by these individuals.  She is an APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) member and her outside interest are synchronized swimming and playing the bassoon.  


Janine Simon, MPT, CLT - Janine joined The Donaldson Clinic in 2007.  She graduated from Saint Louis University in 2004 with her Masters of Physical Therapy.  Janine worked in outpatient orthopedics for 3 years in Northern Virginia before joining The Donaldson Clinic.  Her additional training includes coursework in manual therapy, and is a certified lymphdema therapist.  Her primary focus is orthopedic rehabilitation.


Caron Treloar, DPT-  Caron re- joined The Donaldson Clinic in 2008 after obtaining her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Northern Arizona University.  She had previously worked for our team as an aide for a year after graduating from WSU.  Caron focuses on orthopedic and sports rehabilitation, with a special interest in working on preventative training for adolescent female athletes.  Additionally she enjoys working with post-partum and pregnant patients to help teach them how to care for themselves while caring for their children. 


Breeanna Pumper, DPT - Breeanna joined The Donaldson Clinic team in 2010.  She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science.  Her experience includes working in the outpatient orthopedic setting in the Greater Seattle area since graduating in 2005.  Additional areas of training include Lumbopelvic manual therapy, Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization and McKenzie Method courses.  Her primary focus is in Orthopedics and geriatric therapy.  Breeanna contributed to the publication Forkan, R., Smyth, N., Wirkkala, H., Ciol, M.A., & Shumway-Cook, A. (2006) of Exercise Adherence Following Physical Therapy Intervention in Older Adults with Impaired Balance.  Physical Therapy, 86, 401-410.  


Hand Therapy 

Jill Anderson, OTR/L, CHT-Jill received her degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Illinois.  Jill is a Certified Hand Therapist and enjoys working on patients with wrist and finger fractures, cumulative trauma of the forearm and hand, arthritis and wrist in stability.  Additionally she has a particular interest in rehabilitating musicians and working with patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.  During her free time, Jill enjoys spending time with her family, hiking and exploring Seattle.



Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists work as part of the treatment team and contributes to their expertise as a part of the comprehensive therapy program for a patient.  They are also available to do massage therapy on a private pay basis.

Meet our massage therapy team:

Shelley Kloba, LMP - Shelley came to The Donaldson as a physical therapy aide in 1992 after graduating from the University of Illinois with a BA in Kinesiology.  In 1993 she became a certified personal trainer before attending the Seattle Massage School to become a massage therapist.  She rejoined the staff at The Donaldson Clinic in 2002 as a Licensed Massage Practioner.  Shelley specializes in Swedish massage, deep tissue, strain - counterstrain and relaxation massage techniques.

Wendy Topping, LMP - Wendy joined The Donaldson Clinic team in 2005.  She has a B.A. and is a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist.  Wendy worked at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland from 2001 - 2004 as a massage therapist.  She specializes in accupressure and pregnancy massage.  Her primary focus is orthopedic, deep tissue and swedish massage.

Gwyneth Young, LMP - Gwyneth has been with The Donaldson Clinic since 2006.  She has practiced massage therapy since 1998, and she has had her own practice and has done "on - site" massages at Boeing. Her primary focus is doing treatment massages & helping to heal and educate her clients about their bodies and their treatments.  Gwyneth was born and raised in New Jersey, moved to Washington in 1992 for graduate school. She decided to stay in the northwest because it's so beautiful.







                                                                                                                  MISSION STATEMENT


The Donaldson Clinic is a team dedicated to providing high quality, progressive and educational physical therapy and related services to patients and their doctors.  We strive to maintain a professional manner while at the same time creating a friendly atmosphere.  Complete satisfaction and customer service is our ultimate goal.

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